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Take a prACTice

I know you are goot at practice than theory. Use it now

Why Use Iwanna?

In this morning, many people in my town would have a coffee with someone new. Me too. But we have no idea about each other.

OR you would join carpooling for this weekend. Maybe going football or hicking or festival or ..or or.. or.. Tons of stuff you would do. Here is an open platform to share wishes and get closer to them.

Help Yourself Help others

YOURSELF: Writing, sharing your wishes are not only for others like Facebook Status or tweet. After posting your wish, it becomes a plan. After a while, you will have a look to your wishes and analysis it. How your wishes changes, which kind of stuff you wish more and etc. It will help you to know yourself deeply, understand your interests better. Maybe, then it will be easy to deciding to your current school/job is for you or not. Or on any other future decides

OTHERS: Helping to others makes you happy, right? Yeap, it is human nature. While knowing people's inclination near you, it will be easier to help them. This TED video shows how we carry the intentions all life long and never talking about them: Before I die

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